2024 Membership Rates

(Please note there is a one time registration charge for new members: $100 per family, $50 per individual, which would be waived if dues are paid by May 1st.)

Tennis & Swim

Full Family Membership: $1,950 per family
Individual Membership: $875 per person

Tennis Only

Family Tennis Only (includes pickleball): $1,550 per family
Individual (full week): $800 per person
Individual (weekdays only): $700 per person

Swim Only

Family Swim Only: $1,500 per family
Swim Individual: $650 per person
Children Under 13: $350 (can join if parent is a member)
Babysitter/mother’s helper: $325

Pickleball/Social Memberships

Couple Membership: $375 per couple
Individual Membership: $195 per person

Family memberships include 2 adults and 2 children in the same household: additional children $25 per child
Pickleball is included in the tennis and/or swim memberships

2024 Guest Fees

Adult Tennis: $20 for the day.
Adult Pool: $15 for the day.
Children (under 18): $10

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