NMTSC Terms and Conditions


We (I) understand that as participants or parents of participants of the New Milford Tennis & Swim Club we(I) hereby remise, release and forever discharge New Milford Tennis & Swim Club, its employees, and agents and its heirs, executors, and administrators, of and from all, and all manner of, actions and causes of action, suits, claims and demands whatsoever in law or equity occurring out of the operation of, or in any manner relating to, New Milford Tennis & Swim Club where we are guests for both on premise activities and for activities which require travel.  We (I) acknowledge that we (I) use the pool and tennis courts at our (my) own risk and we (I) understand that the New Milford Tennis & Swim Club shall have no responsibility or liability to us (me), our children or our guests in the event of a claim arising out of any lost or stolen property or arising out of injury which may occur on the premises.

My signature on  page 1  also represents  that  I have read  the reverse side  of this  form  and  do hereby grant  permission  to New Milford Tennis & Swim Club and its staff, including owners, to take whatever  steps deemed necessary to administer or  obtain emergency medical  care  for  myself  and/or  for  any  child  listed  above  for  whom  I  am  the  parent  or  legal  guardian.   Expenses incurred in obtaining emergency medical care will be borne by me.

Photographs will be taken periodically at any given event.  My signature below represents my permission for New Milford Tennis & Swim Club to use photographs of any or all aforementioned members for marketing and publicity purposes including website posting. I understand such photographs will be taken in good taste and will not exploit any of its members.  In the event that any member wishes the picture to be removed from ongoing media, the member may request in writing that such picture be removed and New Milford Tennis & Swim Club will comply as expeditiously as possible.  I also understand that unless a specific achievement is being mentioned, no names will accompany pictures.  (This paragraph is optional.  If you choose not to participate, please strike through the entire paragraph.)

“Buyer’s Right to Cancel”
“If you wish to cancel this contract, you may cancel by mailing a written notice by certified or registered mail to the health club.  The notice must say that you do not wish to be bound by this contract and must be delivered or mailed before midnight of the third business day after you sign this contract.  After you cancel, the health club may request the return of all contracts, membership cards and other documents of evidence of membership.  The notice must be delivered or mailed to:

New Milford Tennis & Swim Club
93 Aspetuck Ridge Road
New Milford CT  06776

You may also cancel this contract if you relocate your resident further than twenty-five miles from any health club operated by the seller or from any other substantially  similar health club which would accept the obligation of the seller.  This contract may also be canceled if you die, or if the health club ceases operation at the location where you entered into this contract.  If you become disabled, you shall have the option of (1) being relieved of liability for payment on that portion of the term for which you are disabled or (2) extending the duration of the original contract at no cost to you for a period equal to the duration of the disability. You must prove such disability by a doctor’s certificate, which certificate shall be enclosed with the written notice of disability sent to the health club.  The health club may require that you be examined by another physician agreeable to you and the health club at its expense.  If you cancel, the health club may keep or collect an amount equal to the fair market value of the services or use of facilities you have already received.”

This application is deemed to be a contract between you and the New Milford Tennis and Swim Club.  By executing this contract you agree to be bound by the rates for the applicable season and any charges that may be incurred by you, your family or your guests.   Additionally, by executing this contract you agree that you are entering and using the facility at your own risk and that you are responsible to explain that to all members of your family and your guests.

New Milford Tennis & Swim Club reserves the right to cancel based upon the facility’s dispute policy.  A copy of the dispute policy can be obtained at the office at New Milford Tennis & Swim Club.

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